KARMAfied in Paris

Seen – on the streets of PAris.

Dripping in LOVE and GINETTE NY on the streets of PAris.

GINETTE NY is a French Designer Jewelery Brand taking the world by STORM.

At the origin of the contemporary jewelery concept, Ginette NY aims to offer women an everyday luxury, a gold skin jewel, contemporary and timeless. Pure materials and natural stones, design and architecture inspiration, luxury of simplicity, pure forms, the collections are the reflection of a singular artistic expression. 
A new vintage inspiration, a sensual experience, a N.Y.C.-Paris lifestyle. Ginette NY, the invention of a sensation between the jewel and the skin: an extension of the Self that reflects the personality of each. A unique DNA in the contemporary jewelery world.

What could be more KARMA?

Love – Loving – LOVE….. GINETTE NY


KARMAfied in Paris

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